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The Best Choice of Antistatic Clothing Fabric-Polyester


The reason why anti-static clothing can play the role of anti-static and anti-dust is related to the fabric chosen for anti-static clothing. At present, almost all anti-static clothing on the market is made of polyester fabric, not cotton, linen or other materials. What is the reason?

This is because anti-static clothing is used in dust-free clean workshop, and its environment requires a high degree of dust-free. Cotton, hemp and other materials used in our daily clothing have a strong ability to absorb dust, and they are also prone to produce chips, which is the biggest culprit of pollution of the clean environment, so they can not be elected as anti-static clothing fabric.

Cotton and linen fabric

Why not choose nylon with strong dust-free property to make anti-static clothes? Although nylon has many advantages, many problems are inevitable. For example, nylon fabrics are expensive and air-tight. If they are used to make anti-static clothes, they will be very uncomfortable to wear. They are easy to get stuffy, so they are not suitable for making anti-static clothes.

Nylon Fabric

Antistatic clothing is almost made of polyester filament fabric. Polyester fibers are relatively long, not easy to precipitate debris, and relatively fine, woven fabric density, has a good dust-proof and dust-proof effect. Compared with pure cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics have the advantages of high efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust-proof performance, thin slippery and clear weave pattern. Inserting conductive wires of equal distance into polyester fabrics makes the fabrics have the effect of releasing static electricity. Therefore, polyester is the best choice of anti-static clothing fabrics!


Shenzhen Lingyihao's anti-static clothes are made of composite conductive fibers and special polyester fibers. They have excellent anti-static and dust-proof properties and are suitable for various environments and meet the requirements of different clean environments.

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